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To be excellent, competitive and recognized in providing quality services to clients.



To ensure that the academic functions of the university such as students' admission, registration, course scheduling, information records, examination and graduation are effectively managed in accordance with the standards established in line with the goals and objectives of the university.



Academic Service Division serves as an integral part of the university and is responsible for managing the enrolment, admission, registration, information records, examinations, students' graduation and convocation, as well as all matters in regards to the services and activities of the university's academic affairs.

This division also serves as the Secretariat for Senate Meeting and Undergraduate Committee Meeting.


There are five (5) sections in this division :-


Student Intake and Admission

  • Student Intake
  • Student Admissions

Registration and Scheduling

  • Registration
  • Class Scheduling

Convocation and Record Management Section

  • Convocation
  • Graduate Management
  • Record Management

Senate and Policy Management Section

  • Undergraduate Secretariat
  • Senate Secretariat
  • Policy Management
  • Administrative and Finance Section

  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Hall Management
  • Asset Management