Managing the administrative and financial matters in BPA


Staffs training, staffs performance appraisal, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) evaluation for each unit, Client Charter achievement evaluation, management of assets, inventory and stocks, finance management.


  1. Handling staff training needs.
  2. Handling the filing management system.
  3. Managing staffs leave and attendance records.
  4. Coordinating staffs performance appraisal.
  5. Monitoring the divisions performance through KPI and Client Charter achievement.
  6. Monitoring assets, inventories and stock management.
  7. Monitoring matters regarding development and maintenance of BPA building and any building supervised by BPA.
  8. Managing reservation of lecture halls (Dewan Kuliah Pusat).
  9. Managing financial matters such as budgeting, procurement, payments, claims, petty cash.
  10. Monitoring matters regarding services such as customer service counters, customer complaints, 5S implementation, implementation of 6S shared values.
  11. Secretariat to meetings such as BPA Executive meetings, Financial Meetings, Undergraduate Prospectus Publication Committee and other administrive meetings.