Convocation And Student Record Management

Function :

1. Managing graduation data for the purpose of validating the list of students eligible to graduate.

2. Convocation Main Committee Secretariat

3. Managing the course of convocation involving students

Scope :

1. Students' Graduation Data, Validation of Graduates, Coordinating the list of award recipients

2. Convocation Main Committee Secretariat

3. The course of convocation involving students, management of convocation robes, convocation book, and University's

    convocation awards.


  1. Coordinating the data of students eligible to graduate together with the respective faculty.
  2. Conducting workshops with the respective faculty to produce the final list of students eligible to graduate.
  3. Coordinating the list of award recipients for the convocation ceremony.
  4. Verifying the graduates of Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
  5. Managing the printings of graduate's scroll and transcript.
  6. Managing students' application related to Regulation for Undergraduate Studies.
  7. Providing detailed reports on the achievement of the graduating students for each cohort for the purpose of a full report on the achievement of the University's Quality Objectives.
  8. Planning the course of convocation that involves students.
  9. Coordinating the preparation that involves other departments such as JTMK, JPP and University Convocation Secretariat.
  10. Coordinating the appointment of staff during convocation that involves students and academic procession.
  11. Coordinating the preparation of the university's convocation book.
  12. Coordinating the university's prizes to be awarded to students during convocation
  13. Managing Disabled Students for Convocation.
  14. Preparing convocation information for the news.
  15. Meeting Secretariat to :-

 i.      Convocation Main Committee

            ii.     Graduate Management Committee

            iii.    Graduation Preparation Committee

  1. Preparing reports and identifying opportunities for improvements from time to time.