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Secretariat to the Undergraduate Committee and Senate Meeting.


Senate, Undergraduate Committee

  1. Activities :
  2. 1. Planning the annual Undergraduate Committee and Senate Meetings.

2. Meetings preparations (before, during and after)

3. Preparation of meeting documents such as minutes of meeting, meeting agenda, implementation memorandum and executive papers to be uploaded in e-meeting.

4. Coordinating the course of meeting and distribution of excerpts from the minutes of meeting.

5. Distribution of minutes of meeting, implementation memorandum and follow-up actions on meeting decisions.

6. Preparation of LPU meeting documents and notifying LPU meeting decisions related to Senate if required.

7. Updating the Regulations for Undergraduate Studies based on the Senate’s decision and notifying any changes to faculty members.

8. Coordinates the appoinment of Senate members in accordance with the Universiti Malaysia Sabah Constitution, Section 22(1).

9. Preparation of reports and identifying areas for improvement.