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  1. Managing UMS new students intake.
  2. Managing new students admission according to admission categories set by the university.
  3. Managing admission and offers.

New students application, offers, selection, appeal and registration.


  1. Coordinating meetings related to new student selection such as Student Selection Meetings with KPM, Student Appeal Meetings in UMS
  2. Coordinating the new student’s admission preparation with related Departments/Units.
  3. Handling issues related to students application to change Universities/Programs.
  4. Issuing Offer Letter.
  5. Preparing complete reports related to students intake and admission to identify any areas for improvement.
  6. Planning the implementations of new students intake and admission.
  7. Coordinating matters related to pre-selection of students via interviews/special tests based on program requirements.
  8. Coordinating new students intake projection by faculty based on pre-defined category.
  9. Collaborating with KPM in carrying out promotional activities.
  10. To prepare exhibition displays and promotional packages.
  11. Reviewing the effectiveness of promotional activities to identify areas for improvements.