FAQ (Examination & Valuation Unit)

 Examination and Valuation Unit

Q: What should I do if I forgot to bring my student card before I enter the exam venue?

A:It is mandatory for all students sitting examinations to be in possession of their UMS Student card, which is to be placed on their desk for invigilators to check before the commencement of the examination.Students without their student card will not be permitted entry to the examination venue.


Q: If I attended the wrong examination venue, is this allowed?

A:NO. All examinations venues have specific allocations of seats and all students have been pre-allocated a seat number in each venue. If you attended the wrong venue, you will be sitting in someone else seat. This will create problems at the venue so we urge all students to carefully check their exams venue prior to the examinations. You will be asked to leave the room and find your correct venue .


Q: Why can't I attend other venues since it's the same paper?

A: Attendance at the correct venue is important for several reasons. Attendance at the incorrect venue can result in inadequate seats being available for the students that are supposed to be at that venue. It has also been shown that some students deliberately attend the wrong venue in order to be with friends.